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Residential ,Commercial and Industrial Roof Cleaning

Mr Wheely Shine are Registered Contractors that specialise in Residential, commercial and industrial roof cleaning. From bungalows, flats and houses, to schools and offices, to historical and public buildings, our professional cleaning service are able to carry out all aspects of roof cleaning projects throughout the UK. With the flexibility to adapt to any roof type. our Registered Contractors are fully equipped to offer the highest quality of service in moss and algae removal, gutter and drain cleaning, protective treatments and much more to all clients.

While moss, mould (fungi) and algae generally only pose a minimal health danger, some are more harmful, especially for older people, younger children and people who suffer from asthma and respiratory problems. Different mould species can have varying health effects, but it is worth considering that any excessive mould growth should be removed, regardless of the species.

Roof Cleaning

Cleaning Services

Mr Wheely Shine will professionally and safely remove the build up of moss, dirt, algae and other organic matter from roofs, gutters and any other effected areas. Our process only causes minimal disruption, but we are prepared to work outside of our normal working hours to ensure optimum customer services. Listed below are some of treatments and services we offer. If you would like to ask any questions regarding the following information please do not hesitate to contact us on 07575359259.


Option A - Roof Clean and Biocide Treatment - Once the roof has been properly cleaned, we will treat your roof with our Microbiological Biocide which will impregnate and stop germination on a roof. It soaks into the roof tiles and remains active for approximately 2 to 3 years.

Option B - Roof Clean, Biocide Treatment and Clear Protective Sealer with 10 Year Product Guarantee - Once the roof has been properly cleaned, we will treat your roof with our Microbiological Biocide and then apply our Kingfisher Roof Tile Sealer which is a high quality, clear, solvent free acrylic impregnating sealer for slate, clay and concrete roof tiles.

Option C - Roof Clean, Biocide Treatment and Protective Coloured Roof Coating with 10 Year Product Guarantee - In most cases there is no need to pay out for a new roof, kingfisher Roof Coating products protects and restores the surfaces of concrete roof tiles giving them the colour and appearance of a new roof. Once the roof has been properly cleaned, we will treat your roof with our Microbiological Biocide and then apply 2 coats of Kingfisher Roof Coating in the colour of your choice.

Option D - BioWash Non Pressure Roof Cleaning - Our BioWash non-pressure cleaning process will clean your roof and increase your home’s kerb appeal. The Biowash non-pressure roof cleaning method utilises professional equipment and cleaning products to safely, yet effectively remove years of grime from your roof from ground or gutter level. BioWash roof cleaning is carried out by Mr Wheely Shine Authorized Agents.

Roof Cleaning

Roof Repairs


One of the most important benefits of the roof cleaning process is that once complete, the roof will have been returned to its optimum condition. If any tiles are found to be loose or damaged they will be replaced. On most roofs in excess of 20 years old some of the mortar to the exposed ridges, hips, valleys and eaves will be starting to deteriorate. Wherever present this old mortar will be removed and these areas will be re-pointed.

All necessary repairs will be discussed in detail and will include:-

  • Replacing or rebedding ridge tiles that may be damaged or where the mortar has degraded.
  • Replacing any broken or cracked roof tiles.
  • Any re-pointing work that may be necessary

All repairs are carried out by experienced roofing contractors who will advise you of the remedial work that needs to be carried out to ensure your roof structure is safe and sound.

Mr Wheely Shine are experienced and can generally carry out any minor roof repairs required.


Advances in technology in the roof coating industry has seen coloured elastomeric roof coatings become widely used across the world. These 'flexible' roof coatings help protect the roof tiles from deterioration and vastly reduce the risk of moss and algae establishing themselves. The elastomeric properties of the roof coating help the roof to 'breathe,' allowing moisture to be expelled. Kingfisher Roof Coatings come in a range of colours that can make old, tired, dirty roof tiles look as good as new. The roof coatings are long lasting, protective and will help keep the roof looking great, with minimal maintenance for years to come.

Kingfisher are suppliers of quality roof cleaning, coating and protective sealing products who supply thousands of Professional Roof Cleaners throughout the United Kingdom. By working with a Professional Roof Cleaning product manufacturer you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are dealing with a fully insured, established roofing company who have a proven track record in the industry. Our roof cleaning service is fast, safe and affordable.

Benefits of Kingfisher Products

  • Make older roofs look like new
  • Extends the life of a roof by increasing durability
  • Allows roof tiles to 'flex', preventing cracking
  • Adds value to a property
  • Helps prevent water penetration and frost damage
  • Inhibits the growth of moss, lichen and algae
  • 10 year product guarantee

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